Site Information & Exit

Unreality was opened in July of 2011 as a one-stop archive for all of my old layouts. (Or at least all of the ones I can find.) It is either updated with each new layout or with a boatload of them all at once. Rather spastically. In 2011, I realized that I had been designing since 2000, and I at least had most of my designs from 2007 onward. Since I have so many websites, it didn't make any sense for each one to have a past layouts section, so I tossed them all up on here for convenience's sake. The end. :)

Here you can find buttons/banners to link back to un-real.ity... though I'm honestly not sure why you would :/ Its just a glorified layout archive xD Chances are I'll be the only one using these... but the artwork was so pretty I had to make buttons~ xD