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Hello and welcome to Unreality, an incredibly glorified layout archive owned by Vii of the Dynamism Network. I have been designing websites as a hobby since the young age of ten, and at one point realized that I just have a crapload of them. For my own nostalgic purposes, I decided to have one central area to store them all. While this is just a personal collection and mostly just intended for myself, feel free to look around if you'd like. Navigation can be found above. Thank you for your visit, and I hope that you enjoy your stay. :)
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The current layout features a beautiful image of Kinjo Shirasu from the anime and manga series Donten ni Warau by Karakara Kemuri. I used no real resources other than a few different fonts. I wanted something simple but pretty, and the artwork from Donten ni Warau is absolutely gorgeous. The previous version was from almost four years ago, so I decided to finally give this website a fresh look. Yay!